"The Simpsons" is known for several distinctive elements ranging from its unique animation style, it's sarcastic take on the current affairs of the society and slapstick comedy. One of the key features of the animated series is the appearance of iconic actors and actresses as guest stars on the show.

Recently, Fox has announced that in the upcoming episode which would feature Donald Trump and Trump University, Jason Alexander of "Seinfeld" fame will be providing voice for one of the characters.

The episode will see Mr. Burns starting his own educational institute named Burns University. The Burns University is in fact, a spoof of Trump University as just like the latter, it is always at the centre of numerous lawsuits and fraud claims too.

Alexander will portray the role of Bourbon Verlander; a graduate of Yale University who has amazing ideas of starting a chain of money-grabbing colleges. Entertainment Weekly has reported that though Verlander seems like a nice guy, he "has zero problems doing whatever semi-evil needs to be done."

Screenwriter and producer of "The Simpsons," Al Jean, has said that Alexander's character is influenced by science fiction thriller "Ex Machina." Bourbon's plan is to invest his money in an android army so that he can take hold of the student loans granted by the government.

Besides "Seinfeld," Alexander had prominent roles in TV series "The Grinder" and "Drunk History." He also did voice-over for "Penn Zero: Part Time Hero" and "Tom and Jerry: Back to Oz." Apart from it, Alexander teamed up with Larry David in 2015 Broadway production of "Fish in the Dark."

Fans are speculating that the upcoming season will mostly focus on Trump and his errands and will mock him and his policies. "The Simpsons" season 28 will return on Sept. 25 on Fox.