In the latest episode of "The Simpsons" titled "Barthood", it seems Bart will finally journey into his adulthood.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, Bart's coming-of-age chronicle, told a la the big-screen hit "Boyhood", follows him from a six-year-old to his maturing into an accomplished young man. Along the way, there are glimpses of how his father and sister impact him more than he can ever realise.

In the previous episode titled "Paths of Glory", Lisa participated in the Alternative Energy Derby with a car powered by solar energy, but the Duff Blimp passed over making her car stop inches from the finish line.

She was mocked because of this, and the Old Jewish Man commented about Amelia Vanderbuckle, a Springfieldian inventor of the 19th century who was committed to the Springfield Asylum, where she continued to make her inventions.

Lisa realised the only way to bring her reputation back was to break into the asylum with Bart and find one of her inventions.

At the asylum, Bart found the diary of Nathan Little, a sociopath who lived there. He decided to take the diary to school and show it to his friends, terrorising Ralph Wiggum, who later told about the diary to his father Chief Wiggum.

Wiggum informed Marge that Bart is a sociopath, making her and Homer worried. They decided to do a sociopath test with him, disguised as a "Jet Sky Dude or Motocross Maestro" test, but the label fell off and Bart discovered his parents' intentions and decided to answer all the questions as if he was the worst sociopath that ever existed.

This made Homer and Marge even more worried, and they decided to take Bart to an asylum. As all the children there had no reactions, so an army general said they were perfect to test US Air Force Drone Simulators.