Marge posts a message on a social media platform, unaware that it may lead to Homer's expulsion from his job in the upcoming episode of "The Simpsons", titled "The Girl Code".

CLICK HERE to watch what Marge writes on the social media site that ends with Homer getting fired from his current job and whether she is able to undo the mistake.

As mentioned in the synopsis of the episode, when Homer loses his job due to Marge's social media post, he begins working as a dishwasher at a Greek restaurant.

Meanwhile, Lisa creates an app that can predict the effect any post on social media will have.

Even though Marge deletes the post immediately, the blunder has already happened and no matter whatever she does, she is unable to come out with a definite solution.

With Lisa's new app, she might plan to write another post that can rectify her previous one and even get Homer his job back.

However, what exactly happens will be revealed only in the next episode.

In the previous episode titled "Barthhood", Bart's journey into adulthood was shown where Bart went through a number of life-changing experience where Homer and Lisa influenced him significantly.

The episode was shown in segments where Bart underwent different phases of his life, always overshadowed by Lisa.

First, Bart realised Lisa got an award in Springfield Elementary when she had only been there for a month and he never got anything even when he was in the school for two years.

In another part, when Bart attempted to participate in a stunt competition, he got distracted by Lisa's shadow and had an accident. However, once his consciousness returned, he found Lisa saved his life and she was now some sort of a local hero, which made Bart angrier.