Simone Etere, social media influencer prefers quality over quantity for brand promotions

The world of brand promotion has changed completely after the entry of Instagram. It has completely changed the way marketing and brand promotion were done. Now the brands and firms are banking on social media celebrities and influencers to make their brand known over the popular social media platforms. Simone Etere, a calisthenics expert, a fitness expert and fashion model is one of the popular social media celebrities with more than a million followers on Instagram.

A calisthenics expert and fitness trainer is known to provide expert fitness and diet tips on Instagram to shape up and get a. desirable physique. He is also a fashion model whose sense of style is appealing. He motivates others to live a healthy and active life by setting an example himself. He has over 1.4 million followers.

He has partnered with brands like American Tourister, VillaBorghini, Gillette, Puma, Nyswwatch, FreshHood, SoLovelyBox, and Primoxx, etc, he claims. He adds that he has consciously chosen to be associated with the brands that are known for their quality of products and services. He says he does thorough research before accepting any brand promotion. His most important collaboration is with one of the fitness centers, which is also his official sponsor. 

His Instagram content is full of tips related to the right diet physical training and how to master calisthenics. He also provides classes and training in calisthenics in Umbria, Italy which is followed by his client base presented in various countries.

Born in 1997 in Italy, he has been a sports enthusiast since his childhood days. At the age of 10, he became interested in parkour and later shifted to calisthenics and became passionate about it. He has developed it as his profession later. People from all parts of the globe are keen to learn calisthenics from him. 

His clients, his followers and fans understand the responsibility associated with his fame and makes sure he doesn't influence people in the wrong way or with the wrong product or service, he says.