Electronic Arts (EA) and Maxis' SimCity will get its first expansion, titled 'Cities of Tomorrow', in November.

Cities of Tomorrow is set in the future thus changing its gameplay. The game will have a Giant Robot Attack, futuristic skyscrapers, mega corporations, unique transportation tools and more.

Players will be able to build skyscrapers that are futuristic in design and technology. They will also be able to create vast transportation network high above the ground. This pack will add a futuristic mass transit type called the "Maglev". Maglev trains run on elevated tracks which are inspired from the magnetic levitation trains in China and Japan as well as the Hyperloop concept by Elon Musk.

This downloadable content (DLC) will also see the addition of Skybridges, providing links between different Mega Towers. Mega Towers pack shops, housing, schools, parks and businesses. The DLC also provides gamers with drones to fight congestion in traffic in the city. It offers game specializations like The Academy and OmegaCo.

The pack will also have mega corporations spoiling the environment and the game allows players to choose between maximum profits and environmental conservation.

The possibility of bringing the offline play into SimCity is being explored by Maxis, Digital Spy reported.

Cities of Tomorrow Expansion Pack will release on 12 November for PC and Mac via Origin. The game will be priced $30.

After its release in March 2013, gamers had to deal with numerous server related issues. However, after acknowledging those issues, the company managed to add more servers. To compensate for the series of issues, EA offered its SimCity players one free game to choose from a list of games like SimCity 4, Battlefield 3, Dead Space 3, Mass Effect 3 and Need for Speed: Most Wanted.