Simbu and Vishal
Simbu and Vishal.PR Handout

Simbu surprised many Wednesday, March 21, when he took part in a meeting attended by the Tamil Nadu Producers' Council (TNPC), theatres owners and exhibitors. After all, the meeting — where various issues affecting the film industry were discussed — was also attended by Vishal.

According to local reports, Simbu's presence came as a shock to many, considering his strained equation with Vishal, the president of TNPC and secretary of Nadigar Sangam. 

However, Simbu seemed to have kept his differences with Vishal aside when he attended the meeting, and reportedly even gave valuable suggestions for the betterment of the industry. 

It is said that the issue of actors charging exorbitant remuneration came up for discussion at the meeting, and Simbu wanted the exhibitors to computerize ticketing, leading to transparency in box office collection. This would apparently help the actors gauge their worth and they would then charge accordingly.

After the meeting, a visibly happy Vishal thanked Simbu for his participation and promised to consider all his suggestions.

"I really thank Simbu and we were happy to have his presence in the meeting. Everyone was happy because he came and spoke about the issues. He expressed his views on bringing a transparent system in place. He had a valid point where he said only transparency in the system can make the actors' salaries reasonable," Vishal told reporters after the meeting.

Simbu had lashed out at Vishal during the previous Nadigar Sangam elections. After winning the elections, the Vishal had apparently refused to support Simbu when he landed in the "beep song" controversy. There were many other issues between them, but now they seem to be ready to bury the hatchet.

However, the first attempt for the patch-up happened when Simbu attended an event organized by Nadigar Sangam last year.