The controversy surrounding Simbu and Anirudh's 'beep' song refuses to die down. After all that has been said, Sarath Kumar and Sneha too have now reacted on the issue.

While speaking to reporters on Saturday, Sarath Kumar did not directly target Simbu but took digs at Nadigar Sangam office bearers.  He questioned the silence of the actors' guild and wondered why they have not shown any interest in listening to the other side of the story by speaking with Simbu.

However, Sarath Kumar pointed out that we should not entertain anything that insults women. At the same time, he feels that it is not just the beep song but there are many other such songs that project women in bad taste.

Sneha too was quizzed about the controversial song in Coimbatore. The actress said that there are takers for all kind of songs, and while some numbers project women in a respectful manner, some songs treat them in a humorous way. It only shows that there are takers for both kinds of songs.

Sneha added that she has not listened to the song yet but if it has become so famous for the wrongs reasons then media has played a big role in it. As per the actress, the media should stop asking such questions, which in turn gives more publicity to such songs. 

Meanwhile, musician and lyricist Gangai Amaren has come to Ilayaraja's rescue. The Music Maestro was recently in the news for having a verbal clash with a reporter, who asked for his reactions on the controversy. Many were not very pleased with the legend's reaction and choice of words.

Gangai Amaren has cited that Simbu is the son of T Rajender and Anirudh is a relative of Rajinikanth. Hence, people should ask them the questions instead of others, who have nothing much to do with the controversy.

Simbu and Anirudh landed in trouble over the song, which has lots of cuss words in the lyrics and is targeted at women. Even though they have not openly admitted that they created the number, multiple cases have been filed against them.