Legendary music director Ilayaraja confronted a reporter who asked him about the ongoing 'beep song' controversy involving Anirudh Ravichander and Simbu.

Ilayaraja was at Ethiraj College in Chennai on Thursday, 17 December, to attend an event related to Chennai floods rehabilitation. On his arrival, a reporter asked about his reaction to Simbu and Anirudh's 'beep' song. However, this did not go down well with the musician, who lost his temper and asked if the reporter had any common sense. 

People around him tried to calm him down and the issue was solved immediately. The incident was captured on camera and it has now gone viral on the internet.

The controversy broke out after a song crooned by Simbu and composed by Anirudh was leaked on the internet. It was instantly called the 'beep' song by audience on social media as the beep sound has been used every time singers use vulgar words. The song, which went viral in no time, projects women in bad taste.

As per the reports, the song, composed two years ago, was a private thing restricted to Simbu and Anirudh's group of friends. Some miscreants reportedly leaked the track online putting the duo in trouble.

This song has been severely criticised by people, lyricist and some musicians too. In this connection, Simbu and Anirudh have been asked to appear before the Coimbatore police commissioner on 19 December as a case was filed by the All India Democratic Women's Association.

Nonetheless, Anirudh has denied his involvement in the song, But Simbu's father has admitted that they had worked on the song and the original track does not have cuss words. According to him, the track has been modified by some miscreants to tarnish the image of his son and Anirudh.