Tripura, Dec 29 (ANI): This silk reeling center at Badharghat in the outskirts of Agartala produces some of the finest quality silk which is high in demand. Cocoon from various silk rearing clusters and cocoon collection centers in West Tripura are collected here for taking out silk threads. Over 40 locals, mostly women are engaged at the centre in various stages of silk production and are able to earn well besides availing facilities like health insurance and pension. With help from the Central Silk board, the government-run centre has undergone modernization with eight semi-automatic reeling machines and other facilities. In 2012, the state's first power loom silk production center was started here as well. Over the years, both the Tripura and central government have been giving a lot of priority to boost silk production by introducing a number of schemes to encourage locals to take up sericulture.