SignEasy Screenshot on iPhone
SignEasy Screenshot on iPhoneSignEasy

Launched on the iPhone 5S, Touch ID became an immensely popular feature for iOS devices alike SIRI. This feature enables biometric capability on the iOS devices, hence making them simpler and lively.

And now, when Apple has launched another update, the Touch ID authentication opened for development. Using this, App developing company SignEasy has made the signing in process across on the documents seamless.

"This newly integrated system builds on our already strong security commitment to our clients who view SignEasy app as an essential tool for their business," explained Founder and CEO Sunil Patro in a blogpost. 

This app also lets the user import any document to the App itself from iCloud or any other third-party cloud storages.

To keep up with the pace of the business world today, people are relying on their mobile devices for efficiency and productivity. Hence, flexibility and the ability to access, process and send important documents online in a secure manner on the go is a luxury that is quickly becoming a necessity.

According to a recent CDW IT Monitor survey conducted among a thousand IT decision makers, 74% indicated that using tablet computers and smartphones led to an increase in productivity in their organization while 42% said they experienced significant cost savings.

These new sets of iOS 8 features have been built on top the powerful mobile electronic signature suite offered by SignEasy on iOS, Android, Amazon and BlackBerry. If users want to expedite paperwork, save costs and be more productive, they can download SignEasy on their mobile.

While the app can be downloaded free of cost, it charges $5 for a set of 10 documents for pay-as-you-go service, $30 annually for personal subscription and $60 annually for a business subscription.