Prominent filmmaker VK Prakash's latest film "Rock Star" released on Thursday, 3 December.

Music sensation Siddharth Menon of "Thaikkudam Bridge" plays the lead role of an introvert musician Anand Abraham in the film. Anand, who leads a carefree life, falls in love with a mature woman (Eva Pavithran), and what happens next forms the crux of "Rock Star".

Scripted by Rajashree Balram and Vivek Ranjit, "Rock Star" also has Anumol, Mallika Sukumaran, Poornima Bhagyaraj, and Prakash Bare in main roles.

Check out review roundup of "Rock Star" below:

Mollywod Times

VK Prakash's "Rock Star" is music and love served neatly with ice. The movie is a light hearted romantic entertainer that encapsulates very deep and intense emotional drama. Music plays as a backdrop as the events unfold and often plays the role of a narrator in the movie. VK Prakash successfully delivers a new age romance that reflects the changes in moral codes in our society.

Sidharth looks stable and convincing as a young man who is at the crossroads of his personal life. Eva dominates the screen with her subtle and feminine performance. Anumol cemented her reputation as a 'different' actress with her character Sanjana Kurien. She plays a never seen before character with ease and élan. The actress uses her comparatively short screen time to establish as a powerful character with a different appearance. Mallika Sukumaran, Poornima Bhagyaraj, and Prakash Bare deserve a special mention for their performance.

Lokanathan's cinematography, Sunil S Pillai's editing, and Prasanth Pillai's score are commendable. Rock Star is for those who believe in change.

Onlookers Media

Performance of Sidharth Menon and Eva Pavithran was good but not extra ordinary. At some places we may feel that a more charming pair could have save the theme better than Sidharth and Eva did. But they were stable and did their best as they can. The screenplay raised only up to an average level and that had caused the slide down of the film, specially, in the second half. Prashant S Pillai's music was good but he had nothing to do much as the 'Rocking' was only in the title and not really in the film in its musical parts. Lokanathan's DOP was also ended up in an average level as the frames were not dashing as we expected it to be.

Rockstar is a watchable entertainer if you are just looking for a decent new generation entertainer with some lighter moments, music, romance etc.

Pulpfiction films

Rock Star is a film that could have been very good if made in a more ambitious manner with an established cast but I am not sure whether he could have attracted them to the project in the first place. As it stands, it is a watchable film that looks amateurish in many places but one should certainly applaud them for dealing with such a subject manner. Script is clunky and the inexperience of the two leads do get in the way many times during the film.

It is a decent enough watch if you are willing to forgive a lot of things that arise out of inexperience of its leads. There are plenty of laughs just before the interval and it does meander after that. The ending can be easily predicted from half-way through. Couple of songs in it sounded good while others were forgettable. 

Lensman Review

Rockstar from director V K Prakash is pretty shallow and borrows too much from the urban rom coms that we see in Bollywood these days. With a charmless lead pair failing to create an impact, Rockstar has only a few moments of laughter and a whole lot of unbaked scenes.  If you are a total alien to movies like "Ek Mein aur Ek Tu", "Katti Batti" etc. you might find this one passable. It is very much a beta version.

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Posted by Sree Kanth on Thursday, December 3, 2015