Restaurateur Shylesh Jain
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Bengaluru-based Restaurateur Shylesh Jain, who is eyeing to open his next outlet in Mumbai, says Salman khan is his all-time favorite celebrity and he wants to serve and host him at his bar and restaurant.

Shylesh Jain has come a long way since he started his own restaurant Nevermind Bar and Social and 612EAST in Bengaluru, a few years ago. Shylesh started his company Living Ventures Private Limited along with Rohit Barker to look after the food outlets. After successfully making a place in people's hearts in Bengaluru, he now wants to open outlets overseas.

In a statement, Shylesh shared what made him start his own restaurant in Bengaluru. He said, "I realized people are always looking for a place that's new, different and sensational. As for me, I am a business guy and I love my food, hence I considered starting my own restaurant & bar. The fact that I have been in the entertainment industry for such a long time and knowing majority of the people in the city in addition to traveling around the world have rather boosted the desire to do so.

Shylesh Jain also shared the changes he noticed throughout the years since he opened his joint. He said, "There have been a number of changes since then. The changing demographics and increase in disposable income has definitely led to more and more people going to to eat/drink. There is also much more awareness now about restaurants & bars, about food, cocktails and cuisine.

Shylesh Jain added, "We've also witness a lot of change in food habits (Eg Healthy, Vegan, Gluten free, organic food etc), in short guilt free indulgence. I've also seen that people are now open to experimenting with different and exotic cuisines as well as drinks."

Talking about drinks, Shylesh Jain said, "Look at how much popularity gin as a spirit has gained in a few years. While we as restaurateurs are open to experimenting with our cocktails and trying out various flavours/ infused alcohol even with spices, herbs, edible flower, fruits etc,. And we have this liberty is because our customers are willing to experiment with their spirits too. Having said these, I think the restaurant industry is progressing rapidly."

Is he planning to open up an outlet of Nevermind Bar & Social in Mumbai too? Shylesh answered, "Mumbai is one of the top destinations for food and beverage and has people of varied tastes and palates, it has managed to keep pace with this evolving f&b industry. So Yes, absolutely."

Every person wants their favourite star to notice their work. Shylesh Jain also wants to serve and host Salman Khan at his restaurant. He said, "My all-time favorite celebrity is Salman khan and it would be my utmost pleasure to host him some day."

Shylesh also shared that our impeccable service & interiors is what makes our restaurant stand out. He added, "But it's the consistency in our food, cocktails and the vibe that we have created at Nevermind, all in all the overall experience is what sets us apart. The space is absolutely stunning, the music is great at all given point in time and that is one of our USP's as well."