Shweta Basu Prasad Released From Rescue Home: Court Allows her to Stay With her Mother
Shweta Basu Prasad Released From Rescue Home: Court Allows her to Stay With her Mother

National award winning actress Shweta Basu Prasad, who returned to Mumbai after serving a few months in the remand home in Hyderabad following her arrest in a prostitution case, is quite positive about her future.

The actress opened about the false statements spread by the media. Denying her involvement in the flesh trade to financially support her family, the actress mentioned that although she had a simple upbringing she never lacked for anything.

At present, the actress and her family are trying to expose the person who created such rumours about her and will take legal actions for defaming her image.

Prasad told Mumbai Mirror that she didn't hire an agent named Balu and mentioned that she only interacted with the said person as he wanted her to attend a function. "We actresses do these events -award functions, ribbon cutting etc," she added. However, it should be mentioned that the pimp Balu was arrested the same night along with Prasad.

Speaking about her stay in the remand home, Prasad mentioned her inmates who were women and children held for trafficking, drug addicts and many others.

However, the "Makdee" actress didn't let herself down, instead decided to make her stay productive. "I decided to teach the children of the remand home -there's a school within its compound - Hindi, English and music. I told myself 'Shweta is dead, she has disappeared into this character of a school teacher that she is portraying. Just portray the character and make it a good performance'," Prasad added.

On 31 August, 23-year-old Prasad, along with a pimp was caught in a plush hotel in Hyderabad by the Special Task Force of Andhra Pradesh police who believed Prasad's involvement in the flesh trade. 

The actress thereafter was lodged in a rehabilitation home for women and on 31 October, she was released from there.

The talented actress rose to fame as a child artist in the popular TV serial "Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii". Other than "Makdee" (2002), she had also acted in "Iqbal"(2005). Prasad later tried her hands down South as well and played the lead role in a few low budget south Indian movies.