Shruti Haasan
Shruti Haasan in the videoPR Handout

Women are familiar with the word 'bitch' which has been used as an abusive word for long. But actress Shruti Haasan wants to change this age-old perception and give the word a new meaning. She and Culture Machine's digital channel 'Blush', have come out with a new video called 'Be The Bitch'.

The pretty daughter of Kamal Haasan stated, "I've never believed in following norm and going by standard definitions. Also, I'm an equalist on all fronts and I believe there needs to be an upgrade in what the so called "stigma laden terms" actually mean. The intention historically attached to these words has been defined by a power play between the one using the term and the one it's used for - almost seeming abusive. Evolution, education and opportunity has changed what words mean and today the word bitch, at least to me, stands for an independent and strong woman's ability of being herself."

When Blush thought of the concept of the video, they could think of no one other than Shruti who would be perfect to collaborate with. They believe she is the embodiment of today's alpha woman who stands up for herself. The Blush spokesperson added, "Women have generally been at the receiving end for centuries and worst of the abusive terms used today pertain to the female gender in one way or another. The word 'bitch' has become the most commonly used sexist and disrespectful word today. While we can't stop people from using it, we can change the tone associated with the word and that's what we have set out to do with 'Be The Bitch'. Shruti Haasan was amazing to work with."

Shruti Haasan
Shruti HaasanPR Handout

The video will feature women who inspire and role models. It encourages women to speak up about issues and stand up for themselves. Adds Shruti Haasan, "When this idea of the #Unblushed video came about, I knew I had an interesting platform to showcase "Be The Bitch" - the gutsy yet vulnerable woman who isn't afraid to be true to herself, no matter what. I wrote and fleshed it out basis my vision and everyone loved it. I'm glad that it's turned out well."