Shopping King Louie
Shopping King Louie has witnessed 10% increase in viewership ratings.Facebook/MBC

Shopping King Louie, one of the most anticipated South Korean romantic comedy of this fall, will premiere on MBC tonight, September 21, at 10 pm KST.

The period drama revolves around the life of a rich, shopaholic from Europe named Louie, who finds himself in Seoul after meeting with a major accident. The story follows him as he encounters various challenges in life due to a memory loss caused by the accident.

Watch Shopping King Louie episode 1 live online here to know more about Louie and his life in the capital city of South Korea. The show can also be live-streamed through mobile. Click here to watch it live online.

The character is being portrayed by actor Seo In guk of Reply 1997 fame and the trailers indicate that he will have hard time in the consumerist city until he meets an optimistic country girl named Go Bok shil, portrayed by Nam Ji hyun.

The 21-year-old actress of Queen Seondeok fame will be appearing in a lead role for the first time and she revealed that she felt a lot of pressure in the beginning. "Now I don't feel much pressure and I'm enjoying filming. I'm not worrying about the possibility of poor ratings right now," she added.

In the similar vein, cast member In guk said, "Rather than worrying too much about ratings, I think about being satisfied with my acting. I think showing my character's color and the genre of the drama to viewers is more important. I will work hard to express this well."

The cast members were addressing the media during a press conference organised by MBC as part of the promotional activities for its new romantic comedy.

The period drama will also feature Secret Garden star Yoon Sang hyun and actress Im Se mi of Heartstrings fame in lead roles. While Sang hyun will portray Cha Joong-won, Se mi will play Baek Ma-ri.

The other celebrities to appear in the show include Kim Young-ok as Choi Il-soon, Kim Sun-young as Heo Jung-ran, Um Hyo-sup as Kim Ho-joon, Kang Ji-sub as Nam Joo-hyuk, Kim Bo-yeon as Shin Young-ae, Yoon Yoo-sun as Hong Jae-sook and Kim Kyu-chul as Baek Sun-goo among others.

Watch the trailer of Shopping King Louie episode 1 below: