Shopping King Louie
Shopping King Louie has witnessed 10% increase in viewership ratings.Facebook/MBC

The MBC mini-series Shopping King Louie is likely to return with a big shocker and could feature the demise of a lead character in episode 14, which is scheduled to be aired on Wednesday, November 9, at 10pm KST.

Episode 13 of the period drama featured a settlement between Baek Sun-goo and his lackey, wherein the latter promised that he will leave the country within a week's time. But the cliffhanger showed him at Hong Jae-sook's book store. Since he revealed his identity to her in front of Louis a.k.a Kang Ji-sung, the fans are eager to know about his next big move.

If the series of past events are to be considered, Baek Sun-goo might have sent him there. Are the two planning to harm Hong Jae-sook for letting the world know about Louis? 

The viewers of MBC drama are also worried about the fate of Louis' loved ones, including Ko Bok-shil, her brother Bok-nam, butler Kim Ho-joon, Heo Jung-ran, grandmother Choi Il-soon, Cha Joong-won, Jo In-sung and Ma-ri's mother.

SInce detective Nam Joo-hyuk is a regular visitor of the book store, he might identify the lackey and arrest him before he harms anybody. The arrest might also lead to the end game of Baek's scheming. 

However, the Korean broadcasting network is yet to release the trailer and promotional photos for the next episode. So the followers will have wait for the telecast of episode 14 to know more about the sequel.