shopkeeper travel 530 miles to hit customer
The shop owner travelled 530 miles to hit the customer who called his delivery service as slow.

A shop owner in China reportedly travelled 530 miles to attack a customer on December 27 over a complaint of slow service. A video of the assault, which emerged online, shows the woman being attacked in public.  

The CCTV shows the woman, who was identified as Xiao Die, being punched and kicked to the ground by a shop owner named Zhang.

Xiao sustained a concussion and a broken elbow in the attack by the online clothes shop owner, reports said.

As per reports, Zhang had been intimidating her on texts after she complained about the slow delivery of a product from his store. He reportedly texted her "I can destroy you" among many other threatening messages.

Although he had been harassing her since December 23, Zhang attacked Xiao four days later at a delivery pick-up point in Zhengzhou, Henan Province in China.

Reports suggest that Zhang confirmed that he had indeed travelled 530 miles from Suzhou to Zhengzhou to hit the customer.

Xiao had bought clothes worth 300 yuan on December 20 which did not get delivered for three days. Soon after which, she filed a complained about not receiving her order in time.

Xiao reportedly purchased the clothes from Zhang's account on Alibaba's Taobao which was not dispatched as per her desired timings. 

The Zhengzhou police confirmed that they had arrested Zhang for assaulting the woman on January 6. He was later detained for 10 days and his account was deleted.

Soon after the video surfaced online, the Erlijiang Police from Zhengzhou tracked the shop owner's address and found the perpetrator. 

As per local reports, the customer had bought the clothes during the year-end clearance from Zhang's shop.

Here's what happened. The video uploaded by AIO Entertainment.

  • A security camera footage shows Xiao waiting for her delivery in Zhengzhou.
  • She had ordered clothes from Zhang's online store.
  • At the delivery point, Zhang is seen approaching her and launching an attack on Xiao as she was looking at her phone.
  • He repeatedly kicks and slaps her as she stumbles on the ground multiple times.
  • Soon after the attack, he escapes the scene.