British Oil Businessman Murdered in Brussels
British Oil Businessman Murdered in BrusselsReuters

A 27-year-old man on Monday went on a shooting spree across New Delhi and Ghaziabad, killing five people most of whom were his relatives, before pulling the trigger on himself.  

According to reports, Ravi, an employee of a private company, was in love with his sister-in-law Renu's sister. When his relatives refused to get him married to her, Ravi pummeled bullets into them, apparently in a fit of rage.

Ravi's brother Naveen is believed to be his first victim, after which he shot Renu for not willing to let him marry her sister. Having witnessed Renu's murder, her landlord Sheila was also shot to death by Ravi.

Sheila's son Dinesh came back to his house only to see his mother and Renu in an unconscious state.

Dinesh also claimed that he saw Ravi running out of the house before jumping into a car.

Dinesh rushed both the victims to the hospital, where Renu was confirmed death on arrival. Sheila eventually succumbed to her injuries.  

The accused, Ravi, was said to have gone straight to Renu's father Harender Singh's place.

The two were suspected to have had a heated argument over Ravi's proposal to marry Singh's 22-year old daughter. When nothing seemed to have worked in his favour, Ravi opened fire on Singh and his lady love, taking the death toll to five.

Ravi's shooting spree came to halt after he killed himself with his own firearm. He is said to have used two handguns in the killings, reports said. 

The Uttar Pradesh and Delhi police have initiated an investigation into the case.