COVID-19 victim's body taken on a cycle rickshaw
Guntur: COVID-positive dead body transported to the burial ground on a cycle rickshaw.Video Screenshot

The dead body of a COVID-19 victim in Guntur's Bapatala town in Andhra Pradesh was transported via a cycle rickshaw on Wednesday. The incident was recorded on camera and has now reached the authorities.

The incident has led to outrage among locals, as the body was being taken to burial grounds. 

Handling of COVID victim's body sparks outrage

Since the pandemic began, the handling of dead bodies has become a serious problem across the country. In a fresh incident, on Wednesday authorities in Guntur's Bapatala, Andhra Pradesh transported a patient's dead body on a cycle rickshaw, no less.

The move has come to be seriously questioned by the locals in the area. The patient had reportedly died under treatment at a hospital in the town and had to be taken to a burial ground. According to The Hans India, this was an aged man who had been suffering from breathing problems.

When his family had not come to the hospital to collect the body for last rites the responsibility was upon the hospital to make sure the body was properly given its last rites. The municipal staff were given the duty.

The shocking aspect is that the body was not transported in an ambulance as per protocol. The Municipal department reportedly said that vehicles were under repair and therefore such a step was taken, the Guntur Collector told India Today. 

The hospital and the municipal department are being called out on their actions and the lack of precautions taken.