Shocking video of how chickens are treated in industries
Shocking video of how chickens are treated in industriesReuters

The day one of a living being on this earth is something very special, but for baby chickens in a meat industry it is the most terrifying moment of their life as they are born into machines that take them from one place to another.

A shocking video from a factory where chickens are hatched out of the eggs without getting the shield of their mother has started doing the rounds on social media. The rare undercover by Animal Equality reveals what the meat industry doesn't want the consumers to see.

"These fragile creatures spend their first day of life in industrial incubators and are treated by mere machines. Processed as if they are parts in an assembly. There is not the slightest sign of compassion for them. Only disregard towards their lives," the narrator is heard saying in the disturbing video.

It has to be noted that in nature chicks spend their initial days under the wings of their mother, seeking warm and to feel protected. However, for the chicks in these industries, the first day appears to be a nightmare.

"Minutes after being born, thousands of defenceless baby chicks are thrown on to the belt that will separate them from the shell. They are then transported by the conveyor belt without the slightest respect for their lives and are manipulated without any compassion," says the narrator.

However, due to the terrible conditions inside the machines, few chicks find it difficult to survive and get brutally killed. Meanwhile, the survived ones are vaccinated and transported to fattening farms, where they spend their remaining lives. After unnatural pace of their growth, they are sent to the slaughter houses once they are forty days old.

The shocking video shared on the Facebook page Best Video You Will Ever See has gone viral with more than nine million users viewing it within four days.

The disturbing video is here: