Mahima Singh Puri leaked picture from Love Sex and Passion
Mahima Singh Puri leaked picture from Love Sex and PassionPR Handout

Bhojpuri actress Mahima Singh Puri has been hogging some limelight for some wrong reasons of recent. Dys after she accused TV actor Piyush Sahdev of misbehaving with her, a nude photo of Mahima from the Tamil movie Love Sex and Passion has been leaked online.

An uncensored teaser poster of the film, showing the actress completely nude from the back, has been leaked online. While the actual teaser poster shows Mahima's bare back, the leaked uncensored image shows even her bare buttocks.

Apparently, Mahima posed completely nude for the poster shoot, and only the censored poster was supposed to be out. However, somehow the uncensored picture from the shoot also made its way into the internet.

The picture in this story is the edited teaser poster, and the original uncensored photo is too obscene to carry here. The actress is apparently much upset with the whole incident.

"The leaked image is genuine, I will not deny it. But the fact is that I only shot the photos on the condition that it would be censored and edited. In fact, I am very upset with the director and the production team that the image has leaked like this. They showed me the edited poster with the censored image coverin my butt and I approved it. But what has leaked is the full length raw, nude image which clearly shows my naked bum. Even my family and my parents are very upset about it. In fact, someone told me that the team is responsible and they have done it on purpose in order to get publicity for the film. I have made my displeasure known to the director and he has promised to look into the matter. In case I am not satisfied with the director's reply and investigation into the leak of the uncensored full nude image, I will take legal action," she told International Business Times India.

Directed by Rameshnath Venkat Rao, the film Love Sex and Passion apparently has a number of nude scenes of the actress, and the teaser poster along with the leaked picture clearly suggest as much.

Mahima was some time ago in the news for accusing Beyhadh actor Piyush of making sexual advances to her, and later misbehaving with her. Already accused of rape, Piyush allegedly sought to develop sexual relationship with Mahima.

The actress had alleged that when she did not reciprocate to Piyush's sexualadvances, he misbehaved with her and manhandled her on the sets of a TV show some time ago.

"He was very rude to me. Once on the sets of a serial, where I was doing a small role, he even abused me with the most filthiest and vulgar words for a small mistake. He had even pushed me and told me that I am nothing but a useless slut, who is sleeping with the director for work. I knew I could have got him arrested at that time for his rash behaviour and vulgar, abusive comments, but I just let matters go," she had said.

Mahima had reportedly accused a director of trying to molest her as well. She had also accused another director named Ram Singh Gupta of leaking her private pictures on social media.

Mahima had alleged that Gupta had shot some private photos of her during a look test, but did not use them as intended, and instead shared them on his Facebook page.