SpiceJet has managed to stay afloat turbulent times in the airlines' industry, but not so much in the eyes of some passengers. Flight delays are pretty much the norm for airlines these days as unexpected events cause flights to take off later than the scheduled time. But what unfolded earlier this week with a SpiceJet passenger shocked everyone.

SpiceJet passenger flying from Mumbai to Delhi on Tuesday was shocked to see a cracked window on the plane. But that's not the worst part. Hariharan, the passenger, shared a photo of the cracked window on Twitter that shows a cello tape holding it together.

"Spicejet flight SG8152 (VT-SYG) Mumbai to Delhi flying (5 Nov 2019) with a broken window stuck with cello tape. Isn't it a major safety concern? Anyone listening?" Sankaran tweeted.

SpiceJet flight's cracked window shocks passenger
SpiceJet flight's cracked window shocks passengerTwitter screenshot

The tweet instantly got the attention of many, who bashed the airlines for safety regard. Naturally, a cracked window on an aeroplane isn't assuring and when it has been fixed up with a tape, it means someone had seen it and didn't do a good job at fixing it.

A lot of people expressed their agitation on Twitter, demanding a justification from SpiceJet.

To this, other users recalled incidents where cello tape was used for a quick fix by SpiceJet.

Some users even got into the technicalities of how this couldn't have been a safety concern.

Eventually, SpiceJet responded to Hariharan's tweet saying the "crack was on the inner flexi pane" and the "purpose of the inner pane is to protect the window from scratches." SpiceJet also assured that the "inner pane doesn't carry structural pressurization loads." Regardless, the broken window was fixed on the same day, SpiceJet tweeted in response.

Would you have felt comfortable flying a plane with broken window glass, even if it is merely the inner pane? Share your thoughts with us.