Sonakshi Sinha arrested
Sonakshi Sinha arrestedInstagram

A shocking video has come up on social media that shows Sonakshi Sinha being arrested while she pleads to be innocent.

The video shows the actress being put on handcuffs. Dressed in a glittery outfit, Sonakshi is heard expressing shock at being arrested by police.

"You can't arrest me like this. Do you who I am? I have not done anything, I am innocent. How can you arrest me like that?" Sonakshi is heard saying while she being handcuffed.

While it is shocking to see the diva being arrested, it is not yet clear if it is something serious or just a publicity stunt. Meanwhile, taking note of the video getting viral on social media, Sonakshi put out a message on Instagram confirming that though it is she in the video, it is not the entire truth.

"Hey guys, I know there are some concerning videos doing the rounds. It is me, but then that's not the entire truth. I will share everything in detail with you all soon," she wrote in the post.

It was reported a few months ago that the actress was in a legal trouble for allegedly cheating an event organiser. It was reported that a complaint was also made against her in Uttar Pradesh.

However, she had later denied the allegations with a social media post saying, "An event organizer who couldn't live up to his commitment obviously thinks he can make a fast buck by maligning my crystal clear image in the press. There is full cooperation with the authorities from my end for the investigation to be conducted. Would request the media not to fan these bizarre claims of an unscrupulous man".

Now, it is yet to be clarified if she has actually been arrested in regard to the same case, or it is just a prank.