A viral video shows a man beating a woman brutally with belt. Representational image.Flickr/darion

A shocking video has come up in which a man is seen beating a woman brutally with a belt. The disturbing video has been going viral on YouTube.

In the video, a man beats the woman in front of an entire family, while some one recorded the brutality on camera. Apparently a case of domestic violence in India, the exact location of the incident is not known yet.

The man is seen keeping his feet over the woman's face as the victim lies on the bed upon her belly. The assaulter kept hitting the woman's derriere with a belt multiple times. He even removed clothes from her back and kept hitting her bare body.

When some of the people around tried to stop the man, he started attacking them as well. Although the exact location of the incident is not confirmed, dialect of the assaulter suggests that it is somewhere around Punjab or Haryana.

Domestic violence has been a major issue in some places around India. Although there have been strict laws against such crimes, many of the cases, mostly in rural areas, go unreported due to family and societal pressures.

Click here to watch the video. Viewers discretion advised.