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The Royal couple must bear some responsibility for what happened to an elderly woman during their trip to The Order of the Garter ceremony. Reportedly a grandmother is seriously ill in hospital following an accident involving Prince William's official convoy.

This is the fourth such incident involving a Royal convoy. Ironically, the convoy is meant to keep the Royal couple safe during transit. But not at the detriment of those unfortunate enough to occupy the streets when the couple travels.

Police watchdogs are reportedly investigating the incident. The incident is said to involve one of the police motorcycle outriders who are in charge of holding back the traffic. A description of the incident states that 'a lady was on the ground being attended to by the paramedics and a police motorcycle was lying on its side on the road nearby.' A spokesman for the royal couple told the Mail they were 'deeply concerned and saddened' and had been in touch with the victim's family. Flowers have been sent. 

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Prince William and Kate Middleton attend the Queen's Birthday Garden Party in BerlinJENS KALAENE/AFP/Getty Images

This seems like damage control, but Kate Middleton and Prince William have said that they would like to visit Mrs. Mayor (the elderly woman involved in the accident) if she feels ready. Her daughter Fiona, said that her mother suffered a lot of injuries as a result;t of the accident and that they are just keeping her stable at the moment. Mrs. Mayor is 83 years old. An incident like this could very well have killed her. Royal and official convoys need to be more careful, not just with their cargo but also with the safety of the citizens on the street. You can check out the video here: