Woman with Wet hair
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Xiong is a 32-year-old woman from Wuhan in China. She was diagnosed with facial nerve paralysis because of her habit of going to bed without drying her hair.

Xiong is a working woman. Because of her busy schedule in the shopping mall, she used to reach home very late. So, she often took bath late at night and fell asleep with her wet hair.

However, one day she got the shock of her life. She could not believe her eyes when she saw her crooked face on the mirror while brushing the teeth.

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Xiong could not move the left side of her face and she was rushed to a hospital, wherein she was diagnosed with facial nerve paralysis, reported China Times.

The doctor reportedly said the paralysis was probably caused due to her habit of going to bed without drying her hair. He also explained how a dripping wet hair can change the body temperature, causing a trigger pain in the body that could eventually lead to a facial paralysis.

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According to the doctor, some people may also experience spasms in their face due to the change in body temperature. He even said that sleeping with wet hair could also cause infections because a wet pillow is a breeding ground for bacteria.

Xiong apparently had to go through 10 days of comprehensive treatment for recovery.