Spy cameras caught a youth raping a cow
Spy cameras installed outside a Wayanad house caught a youth raping a cowReuters

In another case chalked up to uncontrollable libido, a youth was caught in the act of having sex with a cow on spy cameras.

In a village called Kattikulam in Wayanad, Kerala, the 24-year-old was caught by a cow owner and his neighbours after the owner recorded the act of bestiality. The accused was then handed over to the police, along with the CCTV footages of him having sex with the animal.

The man, identified as Manu, a resident of Netaji Colony at Cheloor in Kattikulam was brought to the Mananthavady judicial first class magistrate and has been remanded in judicial custody.

Apparently, Manu has been doing this for a while and his neighbour Thomas grew suspicious of his crime after noticing injuries on his cow's vagina and rope-marks on her hind-legs. The cow had also failed to conceive over the last two years.

His fears were confirmed when he found men's undergarments in the cowshed. Thomas informed his findings to his son-in-law Robin, who installed a CCTV camera in the cow shed.

The CCTV camera captured Manu using the cow for his sexual gratification on Tuesday and Wednesday. These images have been saved to a computer

Robin and others from the neighbourhood confronted Manu along with the damning evidence, and took him to the Thirunelly police.

The police said that Manu has been booked under sections 377 (unnatural sex) and 447 (criminal trespass) of the IPC, reported The Times of India.

Meanwhile, the cow, which was a victim of the heinous crime is being treated by a local veterinarian.

Bestiality has become a serious issue in India in the recent times. Last month, four youths from Udupi, Karnataka, were also arrested for raping one-and-a-half-year-old calf that was tied close to the owner's house.