People who are unable to zap out of their morning laziness or those who have been unable to reduce or break certain habits that were undermining them. Now, there is a new product from Pavlok called Shock Clock, a wearable device that promises to wake users up or reduce a certain craving by administering mild electricity shocks to the individual.

The users can either set an alarm using a smartphone app, triggering it automatically or they can manually start it by pressing the button, said the official site. The company uses what it calls Pavlovian conditioning, where mild electric shocks are administered to the users when they indulge in a habit that they should not.

The Shock Clock comes with a Pavlok Alarm app (the app is available both on iOS and Android). The company said that the product can be used to "jolt" users back, especially when users are unable to control certain cravings, bad habits, negative thoughts and if they find themselves to be unable to focus.

The alarm begins with a slight vibration, then turns up into a loud beep and moves to release the shock that might be a painful wakeup call for many.

The new app has features like Alarm Clock, Chrome extension, which enables zapping when users waste time online, Pavlok Break Bad Habits option, integration and more.

Currently, there are two products, the Pavlok + Wristband that is worth $169 (down from the original $199.00) and the Pavlok Wristband without the module worth $20. The product is available in several colours, including Black, Blue, White, Red, Pink and Gray.