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"Thira" directed by Vineeth Sreenivasan was one of the well-acclaimed films of 2013. The thriller film also saw one of the best performances by actress Shobana. "Thira" was also announced to be the first of the trilogy thriller series by Vineeth Sreenivasan.

Now, Vineeth has given out some fresh information regarding the second part of "Thira". The director has confirmed that actress Shobana will lead in the second part too.

"Yes, that will happen post my directorial venture in 2015; the sequel will have Shobana in it," said Vineeth to The Times of India,when asked about the film.

"Thira" was also the debut film of Vineeth's brother Dhyan Sreenivasan. The young talent had won Asianet Film Award for Best Debutant Actor for portraying the role of the character Naveen. Shobana also won Vanitha Film Awards for the Best Actress for portraying the strong and self-confident character of Dr Rohini Pranab.

The story of "Thira" is set in Karnataka and Goa. Shobana plays the role of Rohini Pranab, a cardiac surgeon who also takes care of young girls who are saved from human traffickers. Her journalist husband Pranab dies in police custody under suspicious circumstances. He was taken to police custody with charges of paedophilia. She is on a mission to clear his name and meanwhile, a girl from her home also gets kidnapped. Now, she sets on a mission to find the people behind the series of events happening in her life.

Rohini is joined by Naveen (Dhyan Sreenivasan), whose sister was kidnapped in front of his eyes. These two along with their friends are set to find their lost ones and the film shows how they reach their target together.

The most noticeable aspect of the film was the casting of the film. Dinesh Nair, who donned the role of the casting director for the film was much appreciated for his choices. The film had the star cast of Deepak Parmbol, Gaurav Vasudev, Sijoy Varghese, Amritha Anil, Harikrishnan and Shabitha in pivotal roles.

The story of the film was by Rakesh Mantodi and for the screenplay, Vineeth Srenivasan joined him. The cinematography was done by Jomon T John and the film was produced by Manoj Menon Under the banner of Reels Magic Production.