Shivaraj Kumar in Bhajarangi
Shivaraj Kumar in BhajarangiYoutube Screenshot

Director Harsha's much-talked about film "Bhajarangi" starring Shivarajkumar and Aindrita Ray in lead roles has garnered rave reviews from film critics.   Prior to its release, the trailer of the film had created a lot of expectations, and it now appears to have lived up to them.  The critics opine that the flick is much more than what has been expected from it.

According to film critics, Shivarajkumar's brilliant performance, Harsha's unique script and engrossing screenplay, Arjun Janya's music and background score, Jai Anand's cinematography, Sadhu Kokhila and Bullet Prakash's comedy timing are the main highlights of the film.

Bangalore Mirror:  "It's hard to deny that 'Bhajarangi 'brings to memory the recent hit of Duniya Vijay, Jayammana Maga. Both films deal about 'spirits' and the triumph over them of the hero possessed by the 'Good Gods'. 'Bhajarangi', however, goes a step ahead in creating a bigger fantasy world. With a much bigger star, the extravaganza too gets bigger.

"This is a kind of film that would be best enjoyed without worrying too much about reality. Director Harsha has managed to focus exclusively on the entertainment angle in this lavish production which lives up to its billing as one of Shiva Rajkumar's most-awaited films. Bhajarangi delivers good returns for the investment on ticket. "

Chitraloka:  "Shivarajkumar takes the cake for his easy in portraying both a lover boy and an action hero equally well. When he sheds his shirt to show off his six packs in the end, the joy of the fans sees no end. Harsha has done an excellent job all over.

"Arjun Janya's music has four good songs including the 'Boss' song with guest appearance by six other film stars. Aindrita is bubbly as ever in a cute role. The actors who have played villains like Madhu, Chetan and Guru are a welcome change from the usual villans. If you have not booked your tickets already for Bhajarangi, do it fast. You will not get tickets easily for what is sure to be a blockbuster."

According to IndiaGlitz, "Harsha script and situations handled with 'Black Magic' might remind a few films but the scale and grandeur plus treatment is brilliant in this film. Shivarajakumar absolutely fits into the roles of Jeevan and Bhajarangi. The mesmerizing part is Rukmini Vijayakumar as 'Daiva Kanye' plus three villains all fresh actors director Harsha has picked have done complete justice. At some places the villains take over the proceedings."

According to Sify, "Director Harsha has proved it yet gain. He has mastered the art of directing action films in his own way. He started of with 'Geleya', continued the legacy with 'Birugaali' and carved a better film with 'Chingaari' and now he's mastered the art with 'Bhajarangi'. An action packed film, 'Bhajarangi' is sure to appeal to audiences. It impresses with an exceptional storyline. The high budget lavish film has striked the audience in a perfect way and is a visual treat to the fans of the Century star."