Debutante director Srinivasa Reddy's Telugu movie "Shivam", starring Ram Pothineni and Raashi Khanna in the leads, has garnered mixed reviews from the audiences around the world.

"Shivam" is a romantic action entertainer with all the commercial elements to woo the mass audiences. The movie has been produced by Ravi Kishore under the banner Sri Sravanthi Movies. Ram and Raashi Khanna have played the lead roles, while Brahmanandam Kanneganti, Abhimanyu Singh, Posani Krishna Murali, Fish Venkat and Sapthagiri appear in the supporting cast.

"Shivam" deals with routine story, which is dragging and predictable in parts. Ram's energetic performance, Raashi Khanna's glamour, Devi Sri Prasad's music, Fish Venkat, Posani Krishna Murali and Brahmanandam's comedy scenes, well choreographed action and dance sequences, exotic locales and beautiful picturisations are the main attractions of the movie, say the audience.

Soon after watching "Shivam", some viewers took to their Twitter pages to share their verdict on the movie. We bring you some unique tweets about the film. Here is the live update of "Shivam" movie review:

Nikhil ‏@linganikhil8

@RaashiKhanna @ramsayz watched #shivam its nice nice nice & simply superb.......:)☺☺☺ Watched Energetic star's @ramsayz & @RaashiKhanna #shivam its simply nice & superb......☺☺☺

Sai Vijay ‏@rajanalavijay

@ramsayz #shivam ultimate entertainer paisa vasool ram ana energy in movie unbeatable. @ThisIsDSP background music and songs rocked in movie

Pranita Jonnalagedda ‏@PranitaRavi

#Shivam is too lengthy, too ordinary and too boring. Is okay in bits but disappointing as a whole. Nijangane "Dhoola teeripoindi!"

Track Tollywood ‏@TrackTollywood

#Shivam: A routine Commercial Film Rating : [2/5] + Ram's Energy + Music + Rashi + Comedy - Story - FlashBack - Slow Screenplay - 2nd Half

Jyothsna ‏@Jyothsn83266053

First half bagundi OK second half Last 1 hour Length taggisthe baga navvukune cinema Overall ga average #Shivam

Ғιlм2people ‏@Film2people

#Shivam 1st half - Gd with some action & entertainment episodes 2nd half - little bit dragging runtime minus Overall watchable - 3.25/5 #Shivam will work commercially director failed in some aspects Can watch for ram stunning looks and for his energetic performance

Remembering Mahatma ‏@HaasanWave

Title song ki steps eragakumaadu ram Rasi kanna intro superb .. Bagundhi pori Posani rockz Steps kumesthunadu ram First half aindhi... Very good Show completed .. Entertaining and commercial stuff #Shivam Plus - ram energy, dance, comedy and plot ... Minus - no strong villains, abrupt climax .. Overall good #Shivam .. Watch it


#Shivam is a boring film...Both half's are equally dragging with no proper line... routine stuff...Not worth

Survi ‏@PavanSurvi

#Shivam is brutally silly, regular commercial film that completely fails to entertain.. DOLATHEERIPOYINDI...

Sangeetha devi ‏@Sangeetha_Devi

#Shivam Same old stuff, some comic bits that entertain, but way too stretched.

Roshan ‏@RoshanPalla

#Shivam 1st half ok ok kind comedy didnt worked, story is intresting interval bang was good #Shivam below average fare time pass avtadani Vaste time waste chese cinema not even few comedy scenes worked out

Lokesh Reddy ‏@greekuveeruduu

#shivam A typical commercial entertainer.comedy works in parts.conclusion-average.endukura elanti cinemalatho prekshakulni savagodatharu..

Ravi kiran ‏@kinnuPSPK

Climax Rod of all Rods #Shivam Mamulu Dragging kaadu idhi Very few laughs here & there rest all is a crap Parama Boringu bomma 2/5

Soma sekhar ‏@Tollywood_King

#Shivam - A routine regular boring film with very thin story line. FLOP

Arun Reddy ‏@ImArun_7

#Shivam First Half Hero Attitude and character at itz peak! Energitic action from @ramsayz ! Stunning BGM from @ThisIsDSP Nothing new. #Shivam First half is Ok. Only Ram action and energy are highlight along with music.

Fukkard ‏@Fukkard

#Shivam so so first half , @ramsayz unmatchable energy is the only asset for Shivam so far.

Manu's ‏@kaNTRimanu

Smoking fight adi chaalu for what he is capable of ani cheppataniki attitude & elevation #Shivam Second half started with good entertainment #Shivam

♥13 1 14 21♥ ‏@Asi_Tarak

Over 1st half #Shivam oka ammai love ni valla father ki Ram explain chesina scene nd songs tappa rest all Torture to the core #Shivam

Vijay ‏@hiimvijay

@ramsayz superb comedy entertainer..........paisa vasoolllllll....#Shivam

Aarya ‏@pradeepASSRR

Baaboi 1st half - Torture to the core #Shivam 2nd half torture.. Sravanthi movies ni poorthi ga nakinchestunnaru #Shivam - Perfect ending.. Janalaki Doolateeripoddi

Shrinu Nakka ‏@Imshri09

Halfway through #Shivam... Boring stuff so far..Disappointed... Done with #Shivam... Second half was quite Better..All over, Ram pothineni failed to bag a hit this time as well

MINNU ‏@imVkohl1

1st half done , cigarette fight - ram- comedy works at part , an average so far #Shivam

ॐ Deepak ‏@DeepakKodela

#Shivam starts with a funny sequence. 1st song adhurs. #shivam going okay so far. Decent fun. Average 1st half, Comedy worked Romance #Shivam Story lekunda saagadestunnaru Strange flashback #Shivam

Mahesh ‏@maheshbaadshah

#Shivam just now finished the first half......@ramsayz u rocked the show....

Bruce Lee ‏@ramsharan94

#Shivam first 15mins ayindi Enegergetic entrance by ram and first song dance kummesadu #Shivam 45 mins ayindi Rich visuals and comedy bavundi

Cinema Review ‏@CinemaBlock

1 st half completed.. Starting lo scenes chala bagunay Madyalo konchm saagatisaru Interval mundu bagundi #Shivam

Man Of Mistakes ‏@TarakAbimani

First half ayindi Super ani cheppanu kani bagundi Jabardasth batch scenes waste Songs super ga tisadu Ram Rashi songs kosame #Shivam Post Interval scenes Hilarious #Shivam Andamaina lokam song lo raashi Expressions Fish Venkat First half bagundi OK second half Last 1 hour Length taggisthe baga navvukune cinema Overall ga average #Shivam

Tapasi RY ‏@TapasiRY

Fish Venkat is the only relief in #Shivam ! #Shivam is a torture ! Stay away