Shivaji Satam death hoax: CID actor ACP Pradyuman is upset with such rumours
Shivaji Satam death hoax: CID actor ACP Pradyuman is upset with such rumours. Pictured: Shivaji Satam (third from left) and the cast of C.I.D.Shivaji Satam/Twitter

Shivaji Satam, popularly known as ACP Pradyuman of Sony TV's C.I.D has become the latest victim of the celebrity death hoax. Recently, rumour had it that Satam had suffered a massive heart attack. The news spread like wildfire and left many loyal fans of the actor distraught. 

However, it later turned out that the fans were misled by hoax reports, as it was not Shivaji, but his on-screen character ACP Pradyuman who will breath his last on the show. The report also said that C.I.D would end in January next year.

Shivaji, who is doing fine, was also left perplexed when he started receiving calls from his close friends inquiring after his health.

Expressing his displeasure at the rumour, the senior actor told "I really do not know how it originated and why it happened. I guess none of us know about it. All I know is that one fine day, I started getting calls from people who know me. They wanted to know whether I was really unwell or OK. To tell you, there was a panic situation created."

Shivaji further said that the rumour caused a lot of trauma to his family and urged people not to play with anyone's emotions.

"I got to know of it when my son told me. See, even if you write me off, it does not scare me. But what about the people who are close to me? You are playing with someone else's emotions. I urge people not to write or report anything stupid as you are creating a lot of grief to those dependent and close to the person you are writing about. I got calls from all who know me, from Sony TV, from Fireworks and the news was in really bad taste. It can be fun for someone, but certainly not for the person being written about," he said.

C.I.D started airing 18 years ago and has Pradyuman, Abhijeet (played by Aditya Srivastava) and Daya (played by Dayanand Shetty) as key characters. In May this year, the show took a short break when Sony TV wanted to boost the ratings of The Kapil Sharma Show by extending its slot. However, within a month, Sony decided to resume the show in a revamped version.