Shiv Sena, Love Trishul
Shiv Sena would use "Love Trishul" as Brahmastra in Uttar Pradesh to counter "love jihad" cases.Reuters File

In a bid to counter 'love jihad' -- an Islamist strategy to convert Hindu women through seduction, marriage and money -- the Uttar Pradesh unit of Shiv Sena has announced the formation of 'love trishul' that will act as a "Brahmastra to protect Hindu women and girls from 'love jihad'".

Shiv Sena Uttar Pradesh president Anil Singh said his party will form 'love trishul'—a group of people to safeguard Hindu women and who will act immediately upon every reported 'love jihad' case. He said this would help save the girls who get trapped in relationships and become victims of forced conversions.

"Islamic organisations are known for promoting their religion, and now pose a new challenge to Hinduism. 'Love trishul' will be the 'Brahmastra' against all 'anti-Hindu' activities, and will safeguard the youth from the dangers posed by Islamic organisations," Singh told The Times of India.

He added that the 'Brahmastra' would be first introduced in Bareilly district of UP and later it will be wielded across the state. The strategy comes as an antidote to the alleged forced conversion case of national-level shooter Tara Shahdeo in Jharkhand.

How the "Brahmastra" would be used

Shiv Sena's 'love trishul' has come up with a strategy to prevent any more 'love jihad' cases from taking place. They would create awareness among school and college students and their parents, not only in the Hindu community but all other communities, except Muslim, which they claim is on a mission to convert everyone to Islam.

"We are aiming to promote awareness among youth of all communities, as the main aim of Islamic organisations is to promote their own religion by converting others," Shiv Sena district president Pankaj Pathak said.

"We will ask school and college administrations to issue identity cards to parents and guardians, so they can take their wards back home. This is just a beginning, and we will take all possible steps to safeguard Hindutva," he added.