Shobhaa De
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Tweets by columnist and author Shobhaa De on the controversy regarding mandatory screening of Marathi films in multiplexes has landed her in trouble, with a Shiv Sena MLA demanding apology from her.

De had called Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis 'Diktatwala' and had also made a contemptous remark on Maharashtrian street food.

"Devendra 'Diktatwala' Fadnavis is at it again!!!From beef to movies. This is not the Maharashtra we all love! Nako!Nako! Yeh sab roko!"

"No more pop corn at multiplexes in Mumbai? Dahi misal and vada pav only. To go better with the Marathi movies at prime time."

The tweets prompted Shiv Sena MLA Pratap Sarnik on Wednesday moved a privilege motion in State Assembly on Wednesday against columnist Shobhaa De and demanding an apology from her.  

The demand for apology apparently came as a shock to De, who responded with a rather meek tweet on Wednesday: "Now a privilege motion demanding an apology from me? Come on! I am a proud Maharashtrian and love Marathi films. Always have. Always will !"

"We are in the process of enacting a law to make it mandatory for multiplexes to screen Marathi movies during the prime time slot (6-9pm)," Hindustan Times quoted State culture minister Vinod Tawde as saying in the Assembly on Tuesday.

The state government's move was slammed by the film fraternity including De, who said that people have the right to chose what they wish to watch and when.

Even film director Mukesh Bhatt called the decision 'dictatorship' of the state government."It doesn't seem like we are living in a democratic society....," he said.

Netizens lashed out at the government, which has already imposed ban on beef consumption and criminalised sale of cow, bull and bullock meat in the state.

Reacting to privilege motion against De, twitterati Vishakha Saxena posted a tweet saying "Amazing how Sena's pushing this even as we just scrapped #Sec66A. No lessons learnt. #ShobhaaDe".

There was no dearth of Shobhaa De haters on social media.