picture of satr cast from the sets of 'Joker' film
picture of star cast from the sets of 'Joker' film

It is always wise to learn lessons from our own mistakes but it's smart and prudent to learn by looking at other's slip up. Speaking on these lines, director Shirish Kunder has overhauled his upcoming project with lessons he has learnt from other big stars' mistakes and has decided to drop 3D technology from his most ambitious science fiction film 'Joker'.

Lately, it has become a trend in Bollywood to shoot or convert the films into 3D format in order to enhance viewer experience, no matter whether the movie is worth watching on the 3D screen.  

But, 'Joker' movie bosses have decided not to go with the wind, instead return to the usual format, though they initiated the project with the 3D technology in their mind.

Kunder is of the opinion that 3D format doesn't reach out to wider audience and even the producers of the film agree with him; they think that the 2D format has better viewership than the 3D.  

Early this week, Kunder announced this decision via his twitter account. He wrote, "#JOKER will release in 2D format. Its a decision taken by business heads based on the reactions to recent 2D & 3D films of big Superstars."

'Joker' is Kunder's upcoming ambitious sci-fi movie, which will mark his comeback as director after a long time. His debut movie as film maker was "Jaan-E-Mann" that was released in 2006, having actors Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar in lead roles. It was a big failure at the box office despite having a big star cast.

His current flim 'Joker' is being produced by his wife Farah Khan and Akshay Kumar himself along with UTV.  Akshay owns Hari Om Entertainment and Farah owns Three's Company production house.

"For a movie featuring a superstar, the draw is more of the star power and the content. We have seen this in case of many films over the past years that have clicked at the BO more for the film itself rather than the incremental business from 3D screens. Given this experience, we took a collective decision with Akshay, Shirish and his wife Farah Khan to complete Joker in the regular 2D format only," UTV Studios MD Siddharth Roy Kapoor said as reported by Indiatelevison.Com.

'Joker' is slated for September 12 release worldwide.