Optical illusion
Girls pose for a photograph on an optical illusion installation at the Trick Art exhibition in Tel Aviv, Israel July 14, 2015. [Representational image]Reuters

An optical illusion-induced image has been confusing social media users, thanks to the curiosity arousing element in the picture. It's an image of a pair of lady's legs, which appears to be glossy or plastic covered.

The photo has gone viral on the internet baffling millions of people on social media.

On the first glance of this picture, one can't really figure out anything, but once the photo is carefully observed it leaves the viewers' brain teased.

This confusion arousing snap of a pair of legs is believed to be shiny by half of the social media and the rest of the people figured out that the shiny part is actually streak of white paint smeared on the legs.

The snap was shared by @msbreeezyyy on her Twitter account with the caption: 'Once you see it you can't unsee it'. The photo was then re-tweeted by Twitter users over 5,000 times and there was a flood of mind-boggling comments and remarks by confused people.

The story was then soon picked up by numerous websites. The photo was originally posted on Instagram by @leonardhoespams.