The Shilpgram Utsav at Khajuraho which commenced on 17 February has received a staggering response from Indian as well as foreign tourists, keeping the South Central Zone Cultural Centre (SCZCC) organisers on a constant move during the week.

One of the most popular attractions at the fest is the nine-day cultural celebration called 'Lok Folk' which means 'the art of people'. Organized by South Central Zone Cultural Centre (SCZCC) in Nagpur, Maharashtra, the show is considered a major crowd puller enabling popularity of folk and tribal art forms present across the country.

Ravinder Singal, director of SCZCC, Nagpur said, "After experiencing the enthusiasm and the involvement of the foreign visitors at the "Lok folk", the tribal and folk dances festival at Shilpgram, Khajuraho and the appreciation and the way the visitors danced and interacted with the artisans and the artist, has really raised our expectations and hence we have decided that the next edition of "Lok folk", would be conducted for a longer duration at a bigger scale sometime in the beginning of February, 2014."

The event begins daily at 1 pm along with 'Lok Folk' performances. Apart from this famous folk and tribal dance festival, Shilpgram has always been known to host a huge variety of shops and stalls catering to visitors' tastes. The Indian Handicraft store is one of the most prominent attractions. Also, local craftsmen and workers from across the country use the Utsav as a platform to showcase their talent with handlooms, handicrafts and glassworks being wonderful constituents of the fair.

Shilpgram is spread over an area of 23 Acres at Khajuraho, a city symbolically known for its temple architecture and amorous sculptures. It facilitates 60 permanent work sheds, sales and exhibition emporium, open air theatre, dormitories etc. and has been designed aesthetically enabling the integration of the aspects of Shilp (craft) along with the essence of Gram (village).

This festival will come to a close on 25 February.