On Saturday evening, "BA Pass" actress Shikha Joshi put an end to her life by slitting her throat. Instead of rushing her to the hospital, friend-roommate, Madhu Bharti, began filming her dying moments trying to get a few names and what prompted her to take such an extreme step.

While the act cannot be termed as anywhere close to wise, Vishesh Joshi, brother of the deceased partially blamed Madhu for his sister's death. "She (Madhu) should've taken her to a hospital instead of recording this video. She is also to blame for my sister's death," he told the police, according to a Mid Day report.

In the short clip, she held her cosmetic surgeon Dr Vijay Sharma and a few 'married men' responsible.

In 2011, she reportedly filed a molestation complaint against the surgeon, who will now be questioned.   

However, as soon as the names were retrieved, Madhu, along with a few men living next door, took her to Kokilaben Ambani Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Describing the incident to The Times of India, Madhu, a key witness in this case, said she woke up that evening to not find her around the house. Later, she knocked on the bathroom repeatedly requesting Shikha to open up but she had already stabbed herself in the throat by then.

"Blood was oozing out of a gash on the left side of her neck. A knife was lying nearby. Her clothes and every inch of the bathroom were caked with blood. I summoned Anu and some men living next door. We were all scared and decided to record, on video, why she had attacked herself," she explained.

Shikha would often talk about the men in the industry who would exploit her, the unavailability of acting jobs and poor financial status with Madhu.

Meanwhile, the video has been sent for examination and will soon be verified. "We will make enquiries with Shikha's brother, who was in Mumbai on Sunday to collect her belongings from Madhu's flat. If sufficient evidence is found, a case of abetment could be recorded," a police officer informed the leading daily.