Fans of the recently concluded reality TV show, "She's Got Game", saw Rebecca win Game's heart. The rapper, who had a difficult time choosing between cast member Shyona and his lady, the Jamaican native, Rebecca, finally chose the latter in season 1 finale.

"I got an incredible connection with Rebecca. It's the type of thing that makes me feel like I've known her forever. Rebecca makes everything easy. Nothing ever feels forced with her. She's beautiful, she's classy and she's got an amazing heart," he said, reported Design and Trend.

Whilst Game seems to be in love with winner Rebecca, some fans think that the relationship is fake. According to The Shade Room, an Instagram follower alleged that Game is actually with Briona.

"I'm so disappointed that you still ended up with Briona," wrote a fan whose username is _Livingwithbre. "Rebecca was the best woman for you. As one of your fans that I know mean a lot to you, you should know we only want what's best for you and Briona is nothing close to that."

The "Ali Bomaye" singer responded by saying: "Ya'll must be dumb.The people believing that are dumber than I thought. Do you see any women on my page?"

Game, who featured on VH1's reality TV show, chose Rebecca Silvera among a slew of women to be a part of his life after a lovely date with her on a yatch.