Although VH1's reality show, "She's Got Game" has ended, the drama, predictably, hasn't. Rapper, Jayceon Terrell Taylor a.k.a The Game chose Jamaican mom, Rebecca Silvera as his girlfriend in the season finale, even when fans of the show rooted for another favourite: Briona.

Briona Mae, who exuded confidence and was the party girl on "She's Got Game" spilled the truth about her relationship with the rapper. Rumours about the two swirled on the interweb when Briona posted on Instagram that she is dating Jayceon. However, The Game did not respond. 

In a recent interview, Briona stated that the "Ali Bomaye" rapper fancied her on the show, and revealed that she had to be eliminated because "She's Got Game" would become quite predictable otherwise. 

She said, "He was feeling me from the jump, no denying that," and added that the status of her relationship with Jayceon is only for them to know, reported VH1.

Recently, "She's Got  Game" winner Rebecca confirmed that she is no longer dating the rapper. She said that it is difficult to be in a relationship with someone whose lifestyle and schedule is so different. "We did try and have a relationship after the show. It had its ups and downs, and it couldn't work. It just wouldn't work," Rebecca told VH1.

It feels like Rebecca is still dealing with a lot of baggage even after he break up with The Game. This was evident when she commented on Briona's Instagram post, saying: "Even though he may be sleeping with you, he did not choose you." 

Season 1 of "She's Got Game" ended on October 10, 2015. The reality show circled around The Game's quest for love. After meeting a cast of 13 ladies on the show, he finally chose Rebecca Silvera to be his girlfriend.