Sherlyn Chopra
Sherlyn ChopraScreenshot from Official Trail

The trailer of Sherlyn Chopra's upcoming movie "Kamasutra 3D" is so hot, so much so that one has to confirm age to watch the video which has lots of nudity. As if that's not enough, the director of the film, Rupesh Paul revealed that as many as eight actors will go nude in the film.

"Kamasutra 3D", which is based on the sacred Indian sex manual Vatsyayana's Kama Sutra is scheduled to start shooting on March 15.

"Sherlyn is a very dedicated actress and she is very passionate about her job. I don't think any other actress could justify it. Besides, it's a very bold subject where she is going nude and there are eight actors in the film who are also going nude," Rupesh Paul told IANS.

"We will start shooting in Rajasthan. We have just shot two to three percent of the film and now the real journey will begin."

Sherlyn Chopra, who last year became the first Indian to appear on Playboy magazine cover, was recalled back after being thrown out for leaking a few scenes of the film.

"After the incident, she has become more mature and responsible. Had I cast anyone else, the tantrums from the actress would have been the same. But one thing I like about Sherlyn is her dedication," Paul told IANS.

"I've got just two words for those who assumed that Kamasutra 3D would be made without me..... Any guesses???" Sherlyn Chopra tweeted. "Lookin' forward to playin' an Indian Princess in the exotic locales of Rajasthan... #HailKamasutra3D."

"Isn't it 2 early 2 speak of Kamasutra 4D considering KS3D is yet 2 go on floors... Anyway, glad 2 know that KS is now a franchise..3D,4D & 5D," she added.

"Kamasutra 3D" video trailer went viral when it was uploaded on Jan 18, crossing one lakh views in just three days.

Sherlyn Chopra is seen topless and her boobs are clearly visible in the "Kamasutra 3D" video that lasts a little more than one minute.