Sherlock Season 4
Benedict Cumberbatchscreengrab

"Sherlock" Season 3's second episode "The Sign of Three" took off from Sherlock's resurrection, to his most crucial job ever of delivering the Best man's speech, tagging along some murder cases.

The episode was punctuated with some hilarious scenes, Sherlock's impending threat at the big event of John and Mary's wedding and the ultimate cherry on the cake - a murder case during the event.

The sociopath surprises all, as he delivers a surprisingly emotional speech on John's big day, which amazes the detective himself. The subtle budding chemistry between Sherlock and Mary is another development.

The episode incorporates comedy with deductions and drama to skillfully foretell the murder to matrimony transition. The well executed episodes sees pop ups of cases such as The Hollow Client, The Poison Giant, The Matchbox Decathlete, The Mayfly Man, The Bloody Guardsman and The Elephant in the Room.

As one case leads to another with intermittent flashbacks of the Watson-Sherlock's entertaining camaraderie, viewers are presented with the childish, naïve and yet brilliant detective, who is seen on a brief dilemma on the changing equations that John's marriage might create.

But the bright wedding scene has a climax, which is not the vow but a realization of a possible murder. Sherlock's weird and funny set of antics and soliloquies finally lead to the victim, but not before John timely picks on him tagging him as "drama queen" as he goes on to discover the murderer.

But his most profound deduction is the titular "the sign of three" as he lets it slip that Mrs Watson is pregnant, leaving John perplexed as he exclaims he being a doctor was ignorant.

 "The Sign of the Three" has received a 9.4 IMDB rating similar to the first episode "The Empty Hearse." The second episode beautifully carries forward the entertaining crime thriller with intelligent execution from the team to keep the audience hooked.

And Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock appears warmer, despite his aloofness. He is seen more than once giving way to his rude indifferent look for teethy smiles (though most are sarcastic). However, like the first episode, the second has no well defined villain as will be seen in the season's final episode 'The Last Vow.'