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Mark Gatiss' recent Hindi tweet has a lot of fans scratching their heads.

Gatiss tweeted a photo of himself holding up a paper with his name written on it, and along with it he added a comment asking fans how his Hindi was. But fans of the British actor who weren't familiar with the language appeared to be at a loss, and many have since sought the help of Google Translate to comprehend the message.

Gatiss' tweet has also brought forth a number of hilarious comments from fans, who wondered if the message was some sort of a clue to the upcoming season of "Sherlock."

Here are a few reactions:

We're not all Sherlock Holmes! Deduce this for us?:( -- ‏@NymphadoraLupin

 ‏ "@Markgatiss: मेरी हिंदी कैसा है?" What does it say Mark? Is it a clue? -- @fgis2bz2pp

Mirror writing ? Sherlock? -- @Lambykins60

Translation: "I'm bored and my husband won't let me shoot the wall" -- @The_Whip_Hand 

Gatiss will be visiting India from 19 to 21 December to attend Mumbai Film and Comic Con 2014, and the English actor appears to be excited to be in the subcontinent.

Speaking to IANS about Sherlock, the actor said that a Bollywood version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's detective novels would be a great idea. He was also surprised that no Indian has attempted to base a series on Sherlock.

"I would be very pleased if they make a Bollywood remake of Sherlock. I look forward to the filmy dance in it. However, it couldn't be our version of Sherlock, but they could certainly do a Sherlock," he said, according to Business Standard.

"I can't believe that no one has (attempted to make Sherlock Holmes).."

On what to expect in season 4, Gatiss warned viewers to expect the unexpected. " We are doing first episodes, which are special in their own way and are very different, and then we are doing three more after that.

"But we are going to keep expanding the whole idea of Sherlock's progress towards becoming a human being, John's progress in terms of trying to manage him and obviously, with Mrs Watson the whole dynamic changes a little," he said.