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"Sherlock" season 4 premiere may come earlier than excepted, hinted the show's executive producer and co-star Mark Gatiss.

"We have moved significantly closer to getting a date in the diary for Series," Gatiss told Radio Times.

After season 3 of "Sherlock" went off air, it was uncertain when the show will return. Back then, producer Sue Vertue had told the fans that they will try to return soon.

"We're working on it. We're working on dates," she had said, while husband Steven Moffat had stated: "We'll get them made as quickly as we can", reported the website.

Last season of "Sherlock" was about how people around Sherlock Holmes get affected, when he goes to exile. The show highlighted the emotional impact Holmes had on those around him, something which had not been explored in Holmes' onscreen adaptations before.

"That's the story of Sherlock Holmes always," Moffat told IGN, when asked about the varied flavor of the last season. "It's Sherlock Holmes makes a friend, and that changes his life. So he becomes friends with Dr. Watson, as he always does. And, as in the original stories, he warms up. I mean, he's always going to be terrified, and he was never inhuman.

"Sometimes - oddly enough, the film version of Sherlock Holmes made him much stranger than he is in the originals. In the originals he's a man who keeps his emotions tightly under control, because he wants his intellect to predominate that."

Regarding "Sherlock" season 4, Moffat had later stated that it is not the kind of series which can be made in a rush, hinting that the popular series needs a lot of thought and a unique style of writing.

"I have no idea," Moffat had said later, about the return of the series, adding: "Sue's working on the schedules right now. I just started with Capaldi on the new series of Doctor Who. You know, we'll do what we can, but with no sacrifice in quality - that's the thing.

"If people have to wait two years, they'll have to wait two years. When's the next James Bond film? You know, it's not that kind of show that turns up all the time. It's just not. But the good news is, that probably means it will turn up sporadically for a very, very long while."

But now, the good news is that "Sherlock" season 4 may return well before two years.