Sherin Clashes with Vanitha Vijayakumar in Bigg Boss Tamil 3
Sherin and Vanitha engage in verbal duel.PR Handout

Sherin and Vanitha Vijayakumar's friendship has taken a blow over the latter's comment on the former's relationship with Tharshan. In the latest promo video posted on the social media pages of Vijay Television, they are seen having a heated verbal argument.

Going by the clip, Vanitha Vijayakumar apparently refers Sherin and Tharshan's relationship as an affair which does not go well with Sherin.

"How dare you bloody to call my relationship with him an affair... you are speaking without knowing anything. You have no rights to speak about my relationship. Do you have any common sense, [sic]" Sherin hits out at Vanitha Vijayakumar.

In return, Vanitha is defending by claiming that Tharshan is playing well while indicating that Sherin has become a hurdle in his journey. Sherin furiously responds to her comment by stating, "It is about him." Then she asks him, "What have I done to you?"

Eliminated contestant Sakshi Agarwal, who has entered the house as a guest, is also part of the conversation, but she remains mute spectator.

Vanitha Vijayakumar and Sherin have been good friends since the day one. The former, despite having clashes with everyone inside the house, has maintained cordial relationship with latter in Bigg Boss Tamil 3

However, Sherin has never got influenced by Vanitha. In the episode aired on Wednesday, 4 September, the signs of trouble in their relationship were visible as the duo had arguments over minor issues in Kamal Haasan-hosted show.

The teaser can be seen below:

Here is how people have reacted to the teaser:

Schemer Kavin: If you mess with #Sherin, even if it's #Vanitha it's same fate. #Los this is how you argue instead of talking nonsense and running away.

Ramya Srinivasan: Vanitha is one monster. Such a creepy nastiest woman of all time.. what a shameless creature. With her second opportunity she was seen quiet in BB house only for a week cos she was in the eviction list. Look at her behaviour now OMG ...

Watch Second Teaser Here: 

ҡαωsiкα: #Sherin on fire #Vanitha evlo try pannium last la vanitha Gang'la irunthu than ellarum leave aakuranga

Krishnapriya: This is what I like about #Sherin. She is loyal to her friends but that doesn't mean she is easily influenced with anything. She is smart and matured enough to make her own decision.
Even if she gets eliminated, she will go out in a grand way

Maran Manisekar: Hence Proved #Sherin s n neither group...!!!
#Tharshan proved yesterday that he s not in sacrifice zone, another neither is proved.
#Mugen is clear in his words and action.

> In the ego clash of others, hope three are not lost.
> Don't drag these three in group. #BiggBossTamil3

Deepika: Sherin u r a class apart♥ give that devil a piece so that she close her mouth for good #BiggBossTamil #BiggBossTamil3

Panadol: Come on Sherin !! More power to you !
She is trying to send you packing home ! Can see it in her face when Shakshi said she wants to make you the winner.