Kangana Ranaut and Shekhar Suman
Kangana Ranaut and Shekhar SumanVarinder Chawla

Shekhar Suman took a sly dig at Kangana Ranaut for the poor performance of Rangoon at the box office. The actor even called Kangana "cocained actress" and his son Adhyayan Suman also shared the tweet.

I was lying on my stomach naked, says Kangana Ranaut

Although Shekhar did not mention Kangana's name in the tweet, it was quite apparent that he was talking about the Rangoon actress. Moreover, Adhyayan's response to the tweets of Kangana's fans made it evident that Shekhar's tweet was meant for none other than the national award winning actress.

"One cocained actress was carrying the burden of her non existent stardom. She has fallen flat on her face n how. Guess this is poetic justice," Shekhar tweeted. This tweet was followed by series of criticisms from Kangana's fans. Even Adhyayan was mocked by the fans for his father's tweet.

In response to the criticisms, Shekhar again tweeted, "Im horrified at the paid lackeys and sycophants who have jumped in defence of a lumpen so-called star. Shame on you, you paid twitteratis."

Shekhar and Adhyayan's rivalry with Kangana is not something new. Kangana and Adhyayan were in a relationship long back, but things did not turn up well for the two. Both Shekhar and his son had come up with series of allegations on the actress, while she was already in news for her legal battle with Hrithik Roshan.

Her ex-boyfriend, Adhyayan had even alleged that Kangana used to practice black magic and used to mix "impure blood" (suggesting menstrual blood) to his food. However, Kangana had responded to the allegations saying that such accusations do not bother her.

"It doesn't upset me when people call me names and talk about my period blood. We women have been defending ourselves from way too long. These are thousand years old weapons that are still used against women. When they are jealous of a woman's success, she goes on to become a psychopath and if she is sexually active she becomes a whore. I don't find anything humiliating when they call me a psychopath, a witch or a whore," the Rangoon actress had told NDTV.