Sheila Dixit
Sheila Dixit has been projected as the congress chief minister candidate in the upcoming Uttar Pradesh elections.Reuters

As the indefinite fast against inflated electricity bills in national capital organised by Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Arvind Kejriwal entered eight day on Saturday, Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit took a dig on Kejriwal and claimed that the power bills were hiked due to uninterrupted power supply.

Slamming the activist-turned-politician at an inaugural event for his indefinite fast Sheila Dixit said, "People will try to instigate you saying these bills are inflated. But one cannot compare bills for 24- hour power supply to just eight-hour supply," Press Trust of India (PTI) reported.

Justifying the tariff hike she went on saying, "There are a lot of youth here who don't even know that there used to be 8 to 9-hour-long power outages in Delhi. We had decided to fix the problem and we have succeeded in it by ensuring 24 hour power availability to people of Delhi."

Dixit also took a pot-shot at the Delhi's BJP chief Vijay Goel who recently announced that tariff would be cut by 30 percent if the BJP came to power by saying that the supply of electricity to street-lights in North Delhi was cut off due to non-payment of dues by the BJP-ruled municipal corporation.

Meanwhile, activist Anna Hazzare met Kejriwal on Friday and requested him to end his fast which began on March 23 considering his deteriorating health.

Hazzare met Kejriwal at around 10:50 pm at Sunder Nagari, a north-east slum colony in the national capital which is the venue of the indefinite fast. Earlier, doctors taking a constant watch of Kejriwal's health, had informed that he had lost 6 Kgs of weight.  

Following their split in September, the meeting was the first event where both the personalities appeared together on a common platform.

Slamming the government and speaking in favour of Kejriwal, Hazzare said, "Government wants us to die, but we should fight," PTI reported.

Addressing the crowd at the venue of the fast Hazzare said, "I told him we should not kill ourselves. These fasts are bringing awareness among people. People in the whole country have awakened now."

"In future, we will continue to tolerate till we can and then break the fast and once we regain health we should again stand up to fight. This is not a four-day battle. But a very long war," he added.