Sheila Dixit
Sheila Dixit has been projected as the congress chief minister candidate in the upcoming Uttar Pradesh elections.Reuters

Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit said that the anti-rape protest against the gruesome gang-rape and murder of the 23-year-old physiotherapy student in the Captial was a "wake up" call for the nation.

The CM also stated that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh could have addressed the nation a little earlier instead of the week's delay post the heinous incident.

Dixit made the comment in an interview with Karan Thapar on Devil's Advocate programme on CNN-IBN.

Taking a dig at the Delhi police, Dixit commented that citizens lacked faith in police due to their insensitive approach at times of distress. She complained that people shy away from helping others owing to fear of being harassed by police and suggested that officials behave as"gentleman" to those in need.

Dixit said, "It worries me. Yes. It worries me that police force is not as sensitive or responsive as it ought to be or well behaved as it ought to be..."

"The systems need to be changed and judicial system needs to be changed and bureaucratic system needs to be changed but it has to be thought out. But please remember it is not going to happen tomorrow," she added.

When asked on the PM's delay in addressing the nation, Dixit stated, "Maybe it was one week too late. He should have perhaps done it earlier."

Dixit went on to say that the anti-rape protest challenged government officials to bring about a solution to the atrocities against women. 

Questioning as to why the politicians were often targeted Dixit asked, "Why are you putting it all on the politicians? Why not on many other things... The society, the way we are bringing up children, the way we are teaching children and the way our schools are running. Why is it only the politicians?" 

Dixit described the Delhi gang-rape incient as "horrendous" and added that the Supreme Court's observation on the safety of women in Capital city was "telling".