Indrani Mukherjea, deploying subterfuge to the hilt, created a fake email account in her daughter Sheena Bora's name in March 2013, almost a year after allegedly killing her, to apologise to Peter Mukherjea for creating problems in his (Peter's) and Indrani's life.

Indrani Mukherjea, accused of killing her daughter Sheena in April 2012, sent an email to Peter from the fake account on 14 March, 2013, saying: "I received an angry and at the same time a very sad e-mail from Indrani today. I have seen it only a couple of hours ago and have come to the conclusion I have been very much a part of causing this pain to her. It is very important for my own peace of mind that I make a genuine effort to clean up my bad karma...", reports the Hindustan Times.

Pretending to be Sheena, Indrani gave the impression as if she (Sheena) was blaming herself for being so bad to Peter and Indrani.

In what looks as an apparent bid to make the communication appear credible, the mail talks of Indrani's life, from childhood to her (Indrani's) marriage with Sanjeev Khanna, and her injury during the 1991 civil unrest in Assam that resulted in her memory loss.

The mail also talks about Rahul (Peter's son from his ex-wife), his relationship with Sheena and how they were involved in substance abuse.

"We were first friends and then we got closer and was in a relationship with him before I realised. Along with my relationship, I also started substance abuse with Rahul and a few of his friends." 

"I was...very selfishly blinded by my love for Rahul and the constant drilling in my head that Indrani was not even a relative and it was important that as I was in love with Rahul I should help them destroy your marriage with Indrani," the mail read.

The email further mentions how Sheena told her parents about Rahul and his mother's plan to destroy Indrani and Peter's marriage.

"When I knew that I was going to have to face Indrani at Sriparna's wedding, I did not know what to do, which is when I told my parents about how Rahul and his mother used me to destroy her (Indrani)," the mail read.

Sheena, who was 24-year-old in 2012, was Indrani's daughter from her (Indrani's) marriage with Siddharth Das.

Indrani allegedly murdered Sheena with the help of her ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna and her driver Shyam Rai and dumped Sheena's body in an isolated spot in the forests near Gagode village, adjacent to Raigad district in Maharashtra, after burning it. 

The remains of Sheena's body was found by a villager on 23 May, 2012, but no action was taken as the Raigad police failed to register a complaint. The forensic team at AIIMS conducted tests on the remains found from the site after Indrani's arrest and confirmed that it belonged to Sheena.

In the recent development, the CBI that took charge of the case from Mumbai police in mid-September, arrested Peter last week for "causing disappearance of evidence of offence and giving false information to screen offender".