Brain-Dead Teenager Responded on Command, Family Captures The Moment
Jahi McMath moved a leg and an arm, when her mother commanded.                                             Screenshot/YouTube

A 13-year-old American girl, who was declared brain-dead by the doctors, has been captured responding to her mother's command. 

Jahi McMath, seen on her bed at the New Jersey Hospital, moves a leg and an arm, when her mother commands. The teenager's family filmed the moment to prove that she is still alive.

Mail Online reports that the family has been fighting the state of California since last year, when their daughter was declared brain-dead, following a routine tonsil surgery. They fought back when three doctors declared that McMath is dead, and applied to take her off life support.

But the McMath family later won an injunction, which did not allow the hospital to switch off the machine, the report stated.

After the video was released, they filed a petition to reverse the death certificate of McMath.

Christopher Dolan, the family's attorney, said that the case will be presented in front of the court on 9 October. If they win, the death certificate will be reversed, and she will be declared alive legally.

"I always knew cause I'm her mother, and I talk to Jahi, she responds so I said, 'she can't be brain-dead if she's responding'," her mother Nailah Winkfield stated.